Contact person

Ralf Wessel

Head of Purchasing (PUR)

Ralf Walter

Deputy Head of Purchasing

Manfred Schmid

Raw materials procurement (PUR SBR)

Julia Merk

Purchasing documentation (PUR SBD)

Bianca Müller

Purchased parts/outsourcing (PUR SBK)

Thomas Kotterer

Purchased tools/operating resources (PUR SBW)

Franziska Gleich

Purchased tools/operating resources (PUR SBW)


Downloads for suppliers

Supplier self-assessment

Supplier self-assessment German
Supplier self-assessment English
Supplier self-assessment Polish

Non-disclosure agreement

Non-disclosure agreement German
Non-disclosure agreement English
Non-disclosure agreement Polish

Conditions of purchase

Conditions of purchase

Privacy policy

Information obligation for suppliers and business partners