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If so, you have come to the right place – provided the professions we offer interest you.

We attach great importance to practical training, but also do our best to offer apprentices needs-based assistance to learn the theory for vocational college.

Our successful graduates feel thoroughly prepared for professional life and complete the course with a sound qualification for their future careers.

Naturally, we prefer to offer our apprentices full-time positions – after all, they have experience of all departments, know the company better than anyone else and are highly trained in their fields. But even if you want to continue your education or are just keen for a change, you will still possess the coveted pedigree for which we are known in the region.

What’s more, we offer attractive pay, great career opportunities and, of course, the familial and inspiring working environment at SFB …


Our apprenticeship professions


Machinist m/f/x

Industrial mechanic m/f/x

Specialist for metalworking m/f/x

Warehouse specialist m/f/x

Industrial clerk m/f/x

IT specialist m/f/x

Dual curriculum degree m/f/x

  • Testimonial Azubi
    Anais Murillo Keidler, 23
    Industrial clerk
    I chose SFB and the profession of industrial clerk to become part of an international company and to get to know its various departments, tasks and processes.
  • Testimonial Azubi
    Jannik Nießer, 18
    Our trainers are really nice and cool. The best thing about our work for me is that you see the result.
  • Testimonial Azubi
    Katharina Wegele, 18
    Industrial clerk
    My apprenticeship is very varied and I enjoy working at the PC. What I like most at SFB is that my colleagues are so helpful and always take time for questions.
  • Testimonial Azubi
    Jasmin Schütz, 22
    I was recruited directly by the CNC turning department after my apprenticeship. It doesn’t matter at all that I’m a woman. My colleagues appreciate my skills and like having a woman on their team.
  • Testimonial Azubi
    Jakob Lessmann, 17
    Industrial mechanic
    I really enjoy repairing and installing technical assemblies. The best thing at SFB is the friendly and collegial atmosphere.
  • Testimonial Azubi
    Kevin Hartmann, 20
    I was given the chance to assist H. Aumann in the training workshop after completing my apprenticeship. So it seems I’ll fulfil my goal of becoming a trainer!
  • Testimonial Azubi
    Immerz Melissa, 20
    Industrial clerk
    I really like the strong sense of togetherness at SFB.
  • Testimonial Azubi
    Kira Loock, 17
    Industrial clerk
    I had to look for a new training firm during my apprenticeship. But I found more than just a company here – it’s actually a new home.
  • Testimonial Azubi
    Marie Wendt, 17
    The internship here really persuaded me. The atmosphere at work is great. I enjoy operating the machine.
  • Testimonial Azubi
    Katharina Miller, 22
    Industrial clerk
    I had to look for a new training firm during my apprenticeship. But I found more than just a company here – it’s actually a new home.


  • Practical training in all departments
  • Learning groups and tutoring if required
  • Excellent chances of a full-time position
  • Of course all the perks of SFB as an employer
  • And…
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We welcome applications for internships in all our apprenticeship professions. We try to make almost everything possible here - whether it’s a compulsory internship for school students or a voluntary one during the holidays.

Deciding what to become is definitely not easy, yet so important for our lives!


An application with a summarised CV, a statement of the profession and the preferred period in a short, informal cover letter is sufficient for an internship.

We are delighted to assist school students in making their decisions, because it gives us the chance for us all to get to know each other. Even if someone realises during an internship that the profession isn’t quite right, they will definitely know more than they did before.

Interns often decide to embark on an apprenticeship with us later on, so both sides benefit in any case. And although a reasonable internship requires a lot of time and organisational effort for our supervisors – they all do it gladly and out of conviction!


Apprenticeship brochure
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