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SFB Group
SFB Group
SFB Group
SFB Group
SFB Group

Contact Person

Contact person

Contact headquarters: +49 (0)8333 – 303 01

Bruno Hanselka

General Manager

Erwin Schoch

Plant Manager

Björn Peter

Head of Order Management (OM)

Christian Linse

Head of Sales (SAM)

Ralf Wessel

Head of Purchasing (PUR)

Christina Haugg

Head of Finance (FIN)

Harald Spindler

Head of Order Management (OM)

Marcus Drappeldrey

Head of HR (HR)

Alexander Wirth

Industrial training

Marion Morath

Coordination Training for Commercial Professions

Karin Lepschy

Head of IT

Karl Beck

Head of Process Management (PPP)

Sabrina Grimmbacher

Marketingkoordination SFB Group (SAM)