SFB -Schwäbische Formdrehteile - Location Babenhausen
A success story for over 80 years
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SFB Babenhausen – Lead factory at SFB Group


Key data:

  • Founded 1941
  • 11,000 m² of production space
  • Around 380 employees with a high proportion of skilled workers and specialists
  • Partner with outstanding vertical integration



Luftbild SFB

Babenhausen lead factory


Gründer Steibli

The owners

In 2022, the two managing partners Thomas and Petra Steibli expand the management by including Bruno Hanselka.



Geschaeftsfuehrung SFB


As one of the largest employers in the region, we are aware of our corporate responsibility. We owe our success and growth to the people who work at SFB. They are our most valuable resource.


Geschaeftsfuehrung SFB



  • Implementation of lean principles from the project phase to series production in our SFB Lean Production System
  • Shopfloor
  • CIP (continuous improvement process)
  • Optimisation of throughput times, Kanban control
  • Rigorous optimisation of set-up procedures


We ensure compliance with and implementation of all legal requirements as well as the fulfilment of customer specifications as a matter of course!


Our plug & play components and valves keep things moving …


Referenz Referenz

in axial piston pumps for snow groomers, excavators and wheel loaders

in injection pumps for the large diesel-powered machinery segment

in pressure cutters for demolishing gear

Referenz Referenz

in the control systems for fork-lifts

in air retention valves for lifting transport systems

in level control systems for buses and HGVs

in gears for the defence industry

in injection pumps

Referenz Referenz

in bottling plants

in transfer lines for the automotive industry

in gigantic tunnel drilling machinery

in lifting gear for bridges

Referenz Referenz

in rear motors for e-bikes

Referenz Referenz

in components for ABS systems and ABS control units

in multi-stage gearboxes

Referenz Referenz

in high-speed actuators

Referenz Referenz

in tools for dental technology

and to mill implants